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24/08/2005 m-Enable chosen as billing partner
  After evaluating and considering multiple billing solutions for our new portal we decided that the mEnable product from txtNation to be the most suitable for our needs. As well as premium handset billing in over 28 countries mEnable offers the ability to sell non-mobile content.  
20/08/2005 Signs interim deal with Recreate
  ikkyou is in interim discussions with Recreate of India to perform a range of porting, testing and development tasks. Recreate has strong experience in the mobile market and is also a world expert in iTV applications. Both companies see a huge synergy in crossing over application from mobile to iTV  
15/08/2005 Distribution agreed with Arvato
  ikkyou have secured distribution with arvato.  
12/08/2005 MK hits Europe and Far East
  MK goes live on Orange. Telcogames now distributing the cheeky Monkey around the world.  
01/08/2005 Su Doku Gems Launched
  We are pleased to announce that Su Doku Gems http://www.sudokugems.com for mobile is officially launched. SDG is going live on operators and
portals around the world. As well as the mobile product ikkyou have launched a syndication service for Su Doku content. Partners interested in distribution or syndication should contact sudoku@ikkyou.com
01/06/2005 Connexions launched on Vodafone
  Connexions has launched on Voda UK to great success with our Voda UK partner AMS.  
04/05//2005 Connexions - is it the new Tetris ?
  Connexions is launched. With 100% addiction and test groups unable to put it down, some industry pundits are calling it the new Tetris. (LINK)  
01/05/2005 Distribution signed with Telcogames
  ikkyou signs a European and Asian distribution agreement with Telcogames. "We're very pleased to be working with the guys at Telco - they have an extensive distribution network which will accelerate our content into the market outside the UK".  
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