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:: Introduction ::

Monkey King is an old-skool platform game, capturing the
essence of classic arcade games from the 80's coupled with kick-ass graphics and sound from the 21st century.

guide Monkey King around the Emperor's Peach Groves, collecting the peaches of immortality. For each level
he has a single Buddha Breath - which can be topped up by
collecting Buddha tokens.

:: Features ::

Pure Arcade Platform Game

Based on Monkey!
the tale of the Journey West.

part One of a trilogy of Monkey Branded games
Monkey King is trapped in the Dragon lands and must collect and destroy the Dragon Eggs before the Emperor's guards apture him.

8 levels of Fast Thumb action fun! then it wraps and goes faster!

Features - mobile adapted keypresses for intuitive thumb action gaming

Smart enemy AI

High Quality graphics designed by top video game artist

Professionally Composed Musical score to assist in the play experience

Current Platforms:
Nokia s40, s60
Motorola Vxxx, V80, V3, V220, Sony Z600, K500, K700, Z1010
Samsung e700, e800, d410
Sagem MyV55, MyV65, MyX5-2, Sharp GX10/i, GX15, GX20, GX30, Benq S670C, S700
Siemens s55, sl55





*sony ericsson k700 screens

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